Growing and growing

Everyday the chicks get bigger and bigger.  They are only a week and a half old (although after more reading I found out that “day olds” can be up to a week old from some hatcheries – I don’t know enough about chickens to know if their size is  normal for this age or if they older) and they enjoy flapping around the tote they are in.

A little bit of panic has set in as they are going to out grown this tote soon….and we still don’t have a coop…..the weather hasn’t been the greatest AND me and the hubs are starting to think that the coop we had planned isn’t going to be big enough.


So back to the kijiji board I went looking for inexpensive ideas.  The hubs suggested that I look for rabbit hutches.  And so the search began….again…..

I emailed one posting that had a hutch for $50.00 but the hubs came back with a suggestion to alter the current coop we have built but in that time they replied.  I emailed them back to say that we had found a solution to our coop problem.  But she countered our email by offering their hutch for FREE!

Now the current coop can be used as a brooder while the chickies grow.  And tomorrow we are going to pick up our free hutch, make a few minor adjustments for the chickens and wait for our wire to come in to start the run!!

Then we will have our happy backyard flock!

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