And a happy Valentine’s Day To You Too!

I am not feeling the love in our house this morning.  Ella woke up with a cough and later in the morning a fever.  I decided not to send her to nursery school to infect the rest of the class even thought she is wearing the Valentine’s day dress I made her (got the idea from here from pinterest ) and has chocolates and homemade heart shaped crayons (also from pinterest) for the class.

I offered to make her pink pancakes shaped in hearts but she said no.  So since she is sick I decided to make her chicken soup from a package for lunch.  Yeah big mistake.  I thought I would make it fun and added some red food colouring to make it pinkish.  I put it in front of her and this was her response “you are feeding me this?”, followed by “this is horrible, there are no carrots or chicken or anything, just noodles!?!” I explained that I didn’t make it from scratch because I didn’t know she was going to wake up sick and that when we went grocery shopping tomorrow I would get all the stuff to make her homemade soup.  Apparently this wasn’t good enough and she yelled (yes, yelled) at me “You are a horrible maker”.

I took a deep breath and walked away.  She is sick.  I am writing this post then I am going to have a “chat” with her about yelling.  I figured walking away is better then yelling back at this point.  She is sick and tired.

I hope everyone else is getting more “love” then me from their kids today!  Hopefully the day gets better!


The dress I made from pinterest, NOT as good as she did, BUT I tried

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