Christmas is almost over

Christmas is over and it was great!  We spent time with family and are still getting together with friends to exchange gifts so it isn’t quite over for us.

Cullen loved the train set he got but we have had to re assemble it about 50 times since yesterday because he is a little Godzilla and likes to destroy it.  Ella is very happy to have her Lalaloopsy dolls but is way more into all of her crafty stuff and her Easy Bake Oven.

We were spoiled by our families and feel very blessed to have such great people in our lives!

The house is in total shambles!  There are toys and boxes every where.  And the tree needles are everywhere.  (I think the tree is going to see the great outdoors before the end of the week!)

In general I am a very organized person.  I hate clutter and will often, with the seasons, purge and clear out anything unused.  But leading up to Christmas I kept things clean and mostly just shoved junk into any crevice that it would fit, which is so not me.

Now I yearn for order!  Last night I was debating when to take the tree down.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Christmas but I think I love an orderly house even more.

Ella will be moving from a toddler bed to a twin bed in the new year so I kept that in mind while I purged her room.  Cullen’s room is already sparse of toys because we spend most of our time in the toy room but once his sissy’s toddler bed is moved out of her room it is going to his room as well as his Melissa and Doug Train Set and Activity Table.  And I think it is partially because of these changes that I am eager to pack up Christmas and get the house back in order and get the kids ready for their room change.

It could also be that because anything my little Godzilla could destroy of my Christmas decorations, he did.  I have bits and pieces of about 20-30 different figures in a bowl waiting to be fixed.  None of my singing “creatures” stay in the same spot more then a half hour before being dragged around the house.  And my stocking holders have been destroyed and “fixed” with tape by Ella.

And finally I think the last part of it is that I like order for the new year coming.  I feel (and sleep) better when the house has some kind of order.  The store has been crazy busy as well and it is still new to me having the store in the house.  I spend a lot of time tidying up every day because the store has been open.  When we opened in October and were open 3 weekdays it was nice because I couldn’t leave the house and got so much organized and done.  But I still had a couple days I could let the tidying up slide and just enjoy the kids.  This last month I feel like I haven’t stopped.  Between in store customers, online orders, the kids and housework it has been crazy but great!

You live and you learn and I know how to prepare better for next year.

Thank you to all of my wonderful customers!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and have a safe and happy New Year!  I look forward to filling your orders in the new year!


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