DIY Kitchen Reno – Pt 1 – Decisions, decisions…..

Kitchen Mid Empty
Kitchen Mid Empty
I forgot to take “Before” pictures when the kitchen was clean. These are from part way thru emptying it out.

For 10 years I have lived with a kitchen that I hate……it is finally time to reno it!! I guess hate is a strong word. I love the size of our kitchen. It has great space. BUT….It also has barely any counter space. That island and from the stove to the fridge is all there is. It also has a corner sink… holidays it is awful to have help doing the dishes because there is no space!!

Dark Kitchen Reno
Another shot of middle of emptying out the kitchen….

It is very dark with the cabinets and floors. The lighting is wonky. Honestly, my list of complaints about it goes on and on.

So we are finally taking the leap and doing a reno. A few years back we demoed our mudroom but since then we haven’t had time to put into the house between gymnastics, school, football and having a life.

There are so many options and so many of them cost so much $$$. We are on a budget for this project but also wanted to account for things that were non-negotiable.

My Want List

Moving the island is a must. I wanted to open the space up. So we were going to move the island against the wall and make more counter space.

We were also lucky enough to have two extra uppers and an extra lower in the basement to make more cabinet space.

I really wanted a light color cabinet with shaker style doors.

Moving the sink is on my wish list. So is better lighting.

Our Options in the Kitchen Were….

We started by looking at having a company reface the cabinets, which is replacing the door and drawer fronts. So for all of the hinges, hardware, door and drawer fronts it would cost approx. $8000. BUT this didn’t include painting the inside of the cabinets so I would have to paint all of those. This price also did not include moving the island or installing the cabinets we had in the basement.

The next thing we priced out was repainting existing cabinets. This was approx $4000. But then we were stuck with the same hinges and handles and again moving the island and installing the existing cabinets we had.

We priced out brand new cabinetry from Ikea. With 3 new appliances (wall oven, cooktop, exhaust and dishwasher) this kitchen ran at approx $9900. Since our existing appliances were bought when we moved in they are near replacing as it is.

DIY Final Decision

We decided that to get the kitchen that we truly wanted and not just a rehab of what we had we would go with the Ikea kitchen. Yes it is going to cost us more, but we also had to account for what we will get out of it. Altering our current kitchen wouldn’t make the space as functional as the Ikea mock up I created.

Stay tuned for demo and install!!

Click here for part 2!!

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