DIY Kitchen Reno – Pt 2 – Demo

Kitchen Demo

Welcome back to our DIY Kitchen Reno! So now that everything is out of the kitchen and our plan is in place, it is time to start demo.

Paul took a day Friday off so we could remove the base cabinets in the island and the uppers.  My big worry is what is behind the uppers.  Since the new kitchen would have no uppers if the walls behind were badly damaged I would have a lot of work ahead of me.

Upper Cabinets Removed
We removed the upper cabinets above the fridge and counter.

The lowers came out quite easily. And revealed a rolled out laminate floor from 30 or so years ago. 

Island removed
This is the flooring under the island.

The uppers were about the same. We had a couple screws that were very stubborn and coming out which led to us taking turns trying to unscrew the awkward angles of the uppers.

Upper cabinets removed
We got three uppers out quite quickly.
Upper Cabinets Removed
These two came out easily revealing minimal wall damage.

Hardest Part of the Day by Far

The trickiest part of the day was removing our pantry. We removed all the screws we can see but we had so much trouble sliding it out.  After using a lot of force (I messed up my neck pretty bad bull charging the pantry!) we decided maybe we should use our brains a little bit. Initially, we noticed the cabinet seemed trapped under the bulkhead.  So we pulled away the metal trim but it was still stuck.  

Pantry Cabinet Removal
This pantry was a royal pain to remove!

When I crouched down to see if anything was stuck underneath and low and behold we found our problem.  

The flooring was installed after the cabinets were put in.  No amount of pushing would have gotten it out because of a ¼” piece of plywood.

We pushed the cabinet back and took out enough flooring to finally get it free.  

There were 2 uppers and our other tall pantry because there is wiring in them. Once the electricians come and remove that we will take them down.  

Kitchen Demo
All done….for now….

Overall it was a good day.  We removed what we wanted and I got a good look at what was behind the uppers as far as repairs go.

The worst part was finding some mold above an upper.  I think maybe 2 times since living here we have had an issue with water coming down here.  There is a roof vent above and when we get a crazy storm where it rains sideways the rain comes in.  But like I said only 2 times in 10 years……

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Stay tuned for part 3 of more demo!

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