DIY Mudroom Pallet Sign

DIY Mudroom Pallet Sign

DIY Mudroom Pallet Sign

I’ve always loved pallet art ever since its first started popping up on Pinterest.  I have a whole Pinterest board full of pallet projects.  The possibilities with pallets are endless.  I finally decided to  make a mudroom pallet sign.

First thing I did was open a word document and put in words that I thought represented my family.  I am a bit of a font snob so I went to my font board and figured out which fonts I liked then applied them to the words I had picked.  I played with the font size and printed samples until I had one that fit to the pallet size.

I cut around all the words, leaving a generous space and taped them together.  Some phrases were 3 printed pages.

The pallets I had were left over from the mudroom reno we did.  (I will be posting this DIY later this month).  Initially when I tried to take the pallets apart I used a hammer and crowbar.  With disastrous results and much frustration I found this link on how to remove the boards with a sawzall.  I’m definitely not one too shy away from power tools so taking the pallets of part was a lot of fun.  I used 7 pieces plus two smaller ones for the back to hold them together.  And used the circular saw to make sure all of the pallets are the length I wanted.

Front side sign
Here is the front side of the sign.

Partially because I’m cheap, partially because I’m lazy and mostly because I didn’t want to lose my crafting mojo I scavenged the garage for screws.  I think  this part took longer then taking the pallets apart.

Backside of the sign
Here is the backside of the sign.
So now I have my boards ready, the words ready and set up.
Pallet sign with phrases on it
Here it is all ready to go! Tracing these was the most time consuming part.

This next part was the biggest pain and I still have no idea how I could have done it easier.  (If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE leave them in the comments below!!)  So I put the phrase on the board, traced over it with a pen to indent the wood.  Once the wood was indented I went over it with a pencil.  I repeated this for each word……it took a looooonnnnnngggggg time….

I used plain acrylic paint from the dollar store.  Our mudroom is all wood and cement so I wanted to make sure I used bright, fun colors.

I got an old tin pie tray and some of the kids small paint brushes and set off to work.  I did two coats on each phrase.

Here is the sign all done!!
We have at least 3 picture hanging kits around the house so I found the hardware and attached it.  Put a couple screws up on the mudroom wall and voila!!  My first pallet sign!
Sign up in my mudroom
All done!!
Since we had the pallets left over and screws aplenty in the garage the only thing that I had to buy for this was the paints!

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