Don’t Grow Up

Today I was a pretty crappy parent.  Cullen was up from 330-430 this morning with a bit of a fever but mostly just not wanting to sleep.  I  had already went to bed last night exhausted so this early morning play date with my son was NOT my idea of a good time.

I, of course, woke up very tired and grumpy, fed the kids then had to head about 35 min out of town to pick up some lumber we got of kijiji.  Awesome, sleep deprived and now I get to go and load lumber.  Not the greatest way to start the day…..

I was snappy and bitchy but really trying not to be.  The day went on and this evening we went to see the hubs play baseball.

My kids wake up between 615 and 645 regardless of what time they go to sleep.  It is very rare for them to sleep past that…..EVER.  Their usual bed time is 7 for Cullen and 730 for Ella, so taking them to a 630 baseball game in Guelph is like playing with fire.  We picked up Wendy’s for dinner (because I was so NOT cooking today) and then went to the park where hubs said the game was.  Got the kids all psyched up to play at the park while we ate our dinner in the car, went and played at the park only to get a call from the hubs that we were at the wrong park.  Awesome again.  This day is coming to a close as it began.

So now I have to wrangle my kids back to the car to go a half a block and find this diamond.  We finally get to the right spot, watch all of 7 minutes of the game but the pile of sand up the hill was far more enticing then watching daddy.

After about 20 minutes I decided that was it and we were out of there.  I had to drag the boy screaming to the car while Ella complained the whole time that she wanted to stay.  I know I am a failure as a mom Ella, I am sorry.  I wish it was a sunshine and lolly pops and we could play there forever but really we can’t.

Finally Cullen has stopped crying and is happily watching mighty machines and we pass a girls softball game.  Ella, being the ever inquisitve girl that she is, asked me how old the girls were.  Here is how that conversation went:

Me:  They are older then you.

Ella:  How old?

Me:  I don’t know honey about 12

Ella:  No they aren’t, they are 7.

Me:  Ok well you are 4 so even if they were 7 they are still older then you.

Ella:  I am going to be 7 soon.

Me:  Yes baby you are, but right now just worry about being 4.

Ella:  I don’t want to grow up.

Me:  Oh baby I don’t want you to grow up either but you are going to.  Just remember that when you are 10 don’t worry about being 12 and when you are 12 don’t worry about being 16.  Just be that age you are and don’t worry about what anyone older is doing.  You be you and don’t worry about what other people think.

Ella:  ((silence))

Me:  Did you hear me?

Ella:  Yes

Ok, so maybe today wasn’t a total bust as far as parenting goes…..if I just keep telling her that maybe it will sink in……one can only hope!

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