Fly Away Butterfly….

Hope everyone is have a great long weekend!

This morning we were playing outside when we saw a butterfly.  Ella went over to catch it….and she did.  The butterfly couldn’t fly well.  It hopped out of Ella’s hand to the ground so I picked it up and noticed that it’s wings weren’t closed together, one of them was broken.

So I explained to Ella that we should put her on a branch and let her be because she probably wasn’t going to live.  Ella wasn’t so sure of my prognosis and said that she thinks she would be fine.  So we put her on the lilac tree and left it at that.  About 10 minutes later a similar butterfly flew away to the neighbors yard and Ella yelled “Look she is fine, she flew away”.

We were in the clear…or so we though.  Later this afternoon, Ella found the injured butterfly in the grass across the yard.  We told her the butterfly must not have gotten better.  She got a big plastic dish and put in some grass and leaves.  I googled “what to do with an injured butterfly”  and the responses were either “put it out of its misery” or “make it comfortable until it dies”.  Great, thanks google……

We gave Ella the choice to leave the butterfly outside or to bring it in.  Now the little butterfly is living in a “bug house” with grass, a stick and a paper towel of sugar water while we wait for the end.  We have explained to Ella that her wing won’t get better and that she is going to die.  My poor little girl is so sad but staying strong.  And for now our butterfly is living peacefully in our container.

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