My visit from a Christmas Spirit

I did it.  I can’t believe it but I packed away 90% of my Christmas decorations today.  I just couldn’t handle the clutter anymore and I had to take a stand!  I am not in anyway a scrooge, I am quite the opposite actually.  Halloween night all my Halloween stuff was down and the next day Christmas decorations started to appear.  I love Christmas because it truly is magical.

But I did it.  Even with my daughter telling me in a spooky voice “I am the Princess of Christmas Spirit and I command you to put all the decorations back.”  After I stopped laughing and deleted Mickey Mouse’s Christmas Carol from the PVR, I told her Christmas was over and it was time to get the house cleaned up for the New Year.  She is excited for New Years Eve because friends are coming over so she gets to have her first sleep over so she is now fine with the decorations going away.  I compromised with her to leave the tree up, even though I was planning to do it anyway she didn’t need to know that.

As we prepare to leave 2011 behind, I look back on this year with happiness and pride.

I wish everyone a wonderful 2012!

Do you make resolutions?  If so what are they?

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