Saying Goodbye

Pumpkin the pitbull by the pool

This whole week has been surreal but today doesn’t even feel like it’s actually happening. Tomorrow morning we will get in the car and drive Pumpkin to the vet. And he won’t come home with us. Paul and I met in Spring of 2004 . We bought a house together in Fall 2005 and in January of 2006 we brought Pumpkin home.

He has been with us through three homes. Our kids don’t know a world without Pumpkin in it. He has helped them crawl. He has help them walk. Not a single birthday or holiday has gone by without him.

I’ve know it’s been coming for quite some time and I think we left it a bit longer than we should have. It is really is never a good time for this but the thing is it was never a good time for us and that’s not fair to him. Even today I’m trying to find an excuse as to why we shouldn’t do it and the only reason is because I just don’t want to. He is my fur baby and my first baby.

At the beginning of last summer I said that would be his last summer the fall came and he still seemed in pretty good health and I thought well after Christmas but then of course after Christmas it’s his birthday and my birthday and Ella’s birthday and Paul’s birthday and then Cullen’s comes up in in May. There is never a good time.

Pumpkin giving Ella kisses
Pumpkin giving Ella kisses

So here I am. The last day that my dog fur baby will walk this earth. My chest is tight. Tears come and go. But he looks at me like he knows and he is ok with it. He is ready to go but I am not.

Baby Cullen and his mighty protector
Baby Cullen and his mighty protector

Tonight we will feed him Mcdoubles and pull out the couches and make a giant bed and all sleep out on the couch with him. Tomorrow we will feed him a giant bacon feast fit for the king that he is. And then we will take out last car ride.

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