The Best Lie Daddy Has Ever Told

Today we un-decorated our Christmas tree.  I am sure in many homes this is an uneventful experience.  But oh no, not in our house.  In our house taking down the tree was the most traumatic event to date in our daughters life.

Every year we get a real tree.  It is a fun family outing to a tree farm, picking out the tree, dragging it back, getting it wrapped and packing it up.  The farm we go to has games and hot cider, and this year Ella had a lot of fun.

For an hour (I am serious, a freaking hour, probably more) she cried that she wanted to keep the tree because it was the best tree ever and she picked it out.  Over and over we tried to explain that trees can’t be kept in the house because the needles were falling off (and I mean lots of needles, I haven’t watered it since well before Christmas and I am shocked it has as many needles on it that it does).  We told her trees don’t live in houses.  It didn’t matter.  She was still crying (in a princess aurora dress, I must add) claiming that she loved the tree and it had to stay.

Then she frantically started to pick needles off the tree and the floor to “keep forever”.  Daddy suggested getting a container to keep them in.  She did that and now the plan is to “plant” them in the spring to grow a tree.

So at this point, the tree is out of the house.  It has been about a half hour since she started crying.  She is sitting on the floor with her head on her bent knees (still in the princess aurora dress) crying with her container of needles as I try to sweep up any needles I can find.  Not because of the mess, each year I know that I will be finding needles well into June, but because I am now in fear that if she sees a needle in a week or month it will send her into a fit of hysterics.  She is inconsolable, trying to convince me to bring the tree back in the house.   I hold her as she cries and tells me how much she loves the tree.  She asks me what will happen to it.  I told her it would be picked up in a couple weeks.  I hesitated in tell her that it would be chopped up and let her continue to talk.  Ella tells me more about how she wants to plant the needles.  Daddy comes in and she goes to sit with him.

She pleads her case to daddy, all the same things she has asked/cried to me.  Daddy tells her all the same things I said, but then he says the best thing I had ever heard.  He told Ella that they had to call the tree farm to come and pick up the tree to replant it.  That way next year we can go and find it.  Genius! Absolutely brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that??!!??

So now Ella is content with this idea.  She still misses our tree but is satisfied with the fact that we will go and find it again next winter.



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  1. Awwww! Good idea Dad! My little girl was in tears when we took the tree down too. 🙁

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for a healthy and happy new year!

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